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Venue Dressing

Let us transform your chosen venue and create the marquee experience without the marquee

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As we are also a marquee company we carry large stock of linings, drapes, and lighting effects these can also be assembled in your chosen venue to transform a room to look like a marquee.

Have you hired a village hall, a wedding venue or a sports hall for your wedding or party and feel it needs something to turn a bland tired looking room into something magical?

We have various ways of transforming your venue.

Wall and Ceilings Drapes

In large sport halls or village halls which have a high roof it may be possible to completely drape the hall so none of the ceiling is visible, this can be done in some circumstances of fixing ceiling drapes to beams or roof rafters.

However, in most cases it is easier to construct the basic frame of a marquee structure freestanding in the hall and use that to fix the linings, this will create a completely transformation of any hall to feel like the inside of a marquee, then using our main ceilings lighting and LED lighting will create a completely different feel to any room/hall.

Email with us dimensions and pictures for a quote, a good guide price with assembly would be from £500 plus depending on the size and dimensions of the hall.

Starcloth backdrops and ceilings

A simple yet very stunning way of creating an idea backdrop for your band or DJ. A star cloth backdrop or ceiling distinguishes an entertainment area within a venue.

Most of our star cloth is freestanding/self supporting "pole and drape" system or where it is required in the ceiling it would need to be attached to the building or built using the basic frame of a marquee structure is their is enough height.

Email, us with dimensions and pictures for a quote, a good price guide with assembly would be from £300 plus depending on the amount required.

Wall Drapes

This is the easiest way of transforming any bland room or hall into something magical. Using our "pole and drape" system we can erect wall drapes up to a height of 3 metres to suite your room.

This freestanding system is self supporting and doesn't require any attachments to the venue's walls and can be built to accommodate the rooms measurements and layout.  Email with us dimensions and pictures for a quote, a good guide price with assembly of the kit is from £15 per metre run.

LED Lighting and effects

There is no better way to compliment your venue with lighting effects, we can offer coloured LED up lighting/ wall colour wash. These LED up lights can be set to virtually any colour and "wash" the walls of colour after dark.

Another popular choice is to have LED "pea lights" behind the wall and ceiling drapes, again these transform your room after dark.

We also offer chandelier lighting, mirror/glitter balls, festoon lighting, outdoor flood lighting for trees and external walls.

Call us today and we can offer you a package for your chosen venue.

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